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Self-Healing Meditation Program

Healing Audios for Every Moment.

S.O.S. Guided Meditation Program

Mindfulness is a bridge to happiness. With 95% of your thoughts and actions being subconscious, it's crucial that you practice mindset exercises to empower your thinking and motivation to reach your best life potential.

By developing skills in mindfulness and meditation, you strengthen your ability to achieve a healing growth mindset. Your mindset shapes your experiences, emotions and interactions with your ever-changing world. Gift yourself the 'S.O.S. Energy Meditation Program' to gain deeper self-awareness, nourishing rest and greater energy for your day! Listen to these audios to inspire and motivate your greatest potential every day, and either grow or maintain your highest energy score from the S.O.S. Energy Report.

Awaken Your Inner Magic and Intuition

Uncover best practices in energetic, earth-based and shamanic self-healing. Experience 7 journey's through your chakras to release, inspire and connect you to your gifts and abilities. Enjoy Audio Lessons to learn about 'The Power of the Mind,' 'The Energy of Chakras' and 'The Seasons of Self,' with ancient and modern discoveries from Sanskrit to psychology, and self-healing breakthroughs to mindfulness insights. Listen to grow bliss today.

Guided Meditations Grow Peace & Purpose

"I just had the chance to listen to the meditation. And it was just the right time to hear it! It touched on EVERYTHING that I needed to hear: anxiety, relationships. It was amazing! You truly have a gift! Thank you so very much! I'm so glad to be working with you."
Kim S.
College Professor
"Hi Unity! I've downloaded your audio program now. Thank you so much! And yes, I have had a healing week! I've been keeping up the healing progam at least once a day, and it is fabulous! Have a wonderful week! Best wishes to you Unity! "

Helen G.
Design Consultant

Light your Energy with Healing Audios.

Guided Journeys
Meditation is a bridge to peace and happiness. Use your imagination  to start envisioning the life you wish to grow and create.
Feel the Magic
Studies show that ASMR increases feelings of inner peace, improves your sleep quality and creates relaxation and calm. 
Inner Peace Now
Learn to focus and breathe into your life what you actually want. Start to get out of life what you need to feel peaceful and happy.
Learn to Grow
If you believe it, you start to create it. These audio lessons give you the insights you need to grow your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions About the 'S.O.S. Energy Meditation Program':

What is included?
You will receive guided meditation journey's (9) and audio lessons (3) to receive helpful insights to restore your energy (all 7 chakras), release stress and live your happiest life now and ahead.
How does this work?
You'll learn about 'The Power of Mind' for self-healing and goal-setting, 'The Energy of Chakras' to restore life balance and practice self-improvement, and 'The Seasons of Self' to grow!  
Can I use this program for sleep and for energy?
Yes! This program is designed to help you activate your energy (day), and to bring balance and rest (sleep) to feel and reach your very best potential, (day or night.) Listen. Learn. Journey.
Do you offer a full money back guarantee?
Yes! I offer a full 14-day money back guarantee on this program. This provides enough time to listen to the 13 audios and discover how powerful the experience is.
Does 'The S.O.S. Energy Meditation Program' help me with my life goals/milestones?
Yes, every audio lesson and guided meditation is about learning a natural system of balance, spiritual wellness and bliss. You'll learn ancient and modern practices to restore your energy, awaken your intuition, and activate your own self-mastery for a peaceful, purpose-filled and enriching life. Find your path to peace, even when challenges arise or are part of your life.
Can anyone signup for this program? Can my family enjoy the lessons and meditations as well?
This program is designed for any mature audience. And I highly recommend listening with your partner/family to help you all work independently (and together) on growing your dreams and activating your best happiness potential. Whoever you want to grow with, invite! If you live together, there's no extra cost.

Introducing the only meditation program you'll ever need.

The 'S.O.S. Energy Meditation Program' is designed for a lifetime of stress release and joyful manifestation for self-transformation. Learn how your mindset and energy shapes your life's experiences and what you can do with it with 'The Power of the Mind' audio lesson. 'The Energy of Chakras' audio lesson supports you in learning how to find self-healing balance in every area of life. Then enjoy 'The Seasons of Self' audio lesson to tune into the breakthroughs of every challenge. Then it's time to experience guided meditations through all 7 energy centers (chakras) to take you to new sacred places to learn and experience the vibrancy of your life force energy.

INSIGHTFUL LESSONS on how ancient traditions & science support self-healing.

EXPERIENCE HEALING MEDITATIONS as part of your weekly self-healing routine.

Take a look at what's inside this experience...

Understand How to Use this Program (5min)

Every part of this program is designed to help you simply listen, learn and receive. Your 'Program Quick Start' will give you the fastest, easiest steps to start your experience.
  • Listen: Easily access your next steps to activate this program
  • Learn: Feel supported and ready to take action!
  • Receive: Your inner compass is about to be awakened to guide you.

Let Your MIND Become Your Greatest ALLY (45min)

When you move through your day, your mind is driving every experience. As you learn about the power of your mind, you become the 'driver.' Learn how to direct your thoughts to reach your chosen destination. 
  • Mindset: Your thoughts and mindset have the power to harm or to heal.
  • Mindfulness: Learn the purpose of mindfulness in shaping your life.
  • Peace: Understand how 'The Power of the MIND' can gift your life peace.

Practice Tuning into Your Energy Field (46min)

Learn how to bring yourself into balance in all areas of your life. Practice moving into each energy center to uncover the self-healing signals and lessons of every center (chakra). Explore the difference living with awareness of your energetic field makes for life! 
  • Discover: Learn the ancient and world-wide history that shares your inner life force.   
  • Connect: Practice tuning into your life force through your 7 energy centers.
  • Understand: Find out the medical wisdom connected to this ancient system.

Experience Nature's Self-Healing Power (15min)

Get ready to enjoy direct experiences of nature's self-healing wisdom in action. Journey through the 'Seasons of Self-Healing' and witness the way every cycle is a teacher and a gift.
  • Feel: The self-healing energy of each season' offers clarity, comfort and courage here.
  • Explore: The cycles of consciousness share how to find healing opportunities every day.
  • Hear: 'The Story of Bear Awakening' revealing your life path in an unexpected way!

Journey to the S.O.S. 'Mother-Tree' (38min)

Now that you understand the new meaning of S.O.S. (from your 'S.O.S. Energy Report'), travel to meet the Mother-Tree that holds the awakening inner magic of every 'season of self', and any challenge. This is a guided journey that will live within you forever. 
  • Release: Every season's challenges in S.O.S. are woven into stress-release discoveries. 
  • Relax: With the beauty of 'Winter', 'Spring,' 'Summer' and 'Fall,' your inner magic grows. 
  • Receive: The four gifts from each Season of S.O.S. arrives to help you self-heal anytime.


Understanding the root energy lesson: 'to live or to survive' from your S.O.S. Energy Report, this guided meditation has you returning 'Home' to your "Motherland." In this journey, you'll start growing the restoring seeds of safety/security, rest and readiness, and inner abundance.
  • Body Boost: Ground into the nourishment ready to replenish you on this journey.
  • Healer's Mindset: Experience the stress-release of growing inner strength and safety.  
  • Life Path Activation: Feel the spiritual abundance of coming 'home' to your greatest potential.


The choices from your sacral energy: 'to participate or deny' in your S.O.S. Energy Report, are now a guided journey to experience the bliss of tasting an engaged life with carefree joy. Practice finding your inner ease and flow, and saying 'yes' to the rewards of healing risks.
  • Body Boost: Taste the sweet nectar of life's self-healing joys and pleasures.
  • Healer's Mindset: Understand the powerful gifts of those rainy and stormy days. 
  • ​Life Path Activation: Experience the intimacy of trust, play and full engagement in life.


Understanding the lessons from your solar energy: 'to connect or control' from your S.O.S. Energy Report, this guided meditation has you taking a flight to inner power. Discover the authentic strength, freedom and response-ability ready to willpower you to reach any dream.
  • Body Boost: Let yourself digest any challenges and face any obstacles with real wisdom.
  • Healer's Mindset: Discover the healing gifts of inner confidence and clear leadership. 
  • Life Path Activation: Find your fiery willpower and take flight to any dream now.


Your heart energy lessons to choose: 'love or isolation' from your S.O.S. Energy Report, are given deeper connections in this heart-centered meditation journey. Experience the peace of loving connections, graceful wellbeing and an authentic sense of belonging and happiness.
  • Body Boost: Feel self-love and self-care flow from your inner child to your present day.
  • Healer's Mindset: Understand the healing value of acceptance and forgiveness now.
  • Life Path Activation: Practice choosing true love and healing trust to find the way ahead. 


Your self-reflections on whether you use your throat energy to be: 'creative or reactive' are further explored in this guided meditation on the power of authentic truth and healing sound.  Experience the abundance of listening, speaking and expressing from inner truth.  
  • Body Boost: Notice the vibrational power of deep listening and truthful expression.
  • Healer's Mindset: Learn how your authentic creativity and expression rewards your life.  
  • Life Path Activation: Clarity and focus help you share your natural flow of ideas.


Remembering the difference between 'vision or assumption' as shared in the S.O.S. Energy Report, this third eye guided meditation takes you on an unexpected journey with a new and ancestral animal ally. Travel with this animal messenger 'to See' and remember who you are.
  • Body Boost: Experience the empowerment of your senses to observe to understand.  
  • Healer's Mindset: Understand how your imagination brings self-healing insights to life.
  • Life Path Activation: Awaken the 'vision' of inner-seeing to remember and guide your road ahead.


In the crown meditation, inspired by the S.O.S. Energy Report, you will understand the power of choice and the 'wholeness or chaos' that each decision brings. Practice recognizing union vs. division, and the life energy that's grown from choosing mindfulness, purpose and love.
  • Body Boost: Recognize how your inner drives impact your life experiences and potential.
  • Healer's Mindset: Discover the self-healing awakening of moving from mindfulness.
  • Life Path Activation: Let your daily focus be guided by your highest vision and truth.

Discover your inner gifts and natural strengths.

Practical and Magical Insights and Breakthroughs with your CHAKRAS: 

Mindset Growth
Learn scientifically proven best practices to achieve a growth mindset and decrease stress.
Body  Balance
 Practice gentle and effective ways you can start giving your body natural comfort, balance and grounding.
Emotional Clarity
Insightful self-awareness  supports your energy into restoring peace, releasing stress and inviting joy.
Spiritual Force
Uncover practical and natural ways to connect to the World around you and within you. Use breath, focus and choice.
Utilize helpful energy insights,  through your 7 chakras, to help you achieve greater happiness.
Stronger Relationships
Learn how to strengthen your communication, share your truths and experience rewarding relationships.
Career & Abundance
Strengthen your natural gifts and habits for higher levels of personal success and career growth.
Peace and Purpose
Discover the most effective ways to return to a sacred space of peace and purpose, while finding balance & bliss.

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