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Meet Unity Schmidt: Author & Life Coach


I've lived through pain & discovered purpose.

As a young child diagnosed with early childhood chronic illness (JRA), and given bleak prospects for my adventures ahead, I cherished the stories of faery-tales and the faery-godmothers who brought dreams of magical hope and dreams-coming-true, despite all odds. I related to the hero, enduring a painful battle or crisis, that seemed to have no hope in sight. And then I experienced my first miracle...

Once you've experienced a miracle...

I learned that pain is a signal to help us pay attention and seek healing answers. These healing answers teach that health and happiness require lifestyle changes, a growth mindset and spiritual awakening. To reach your best, daily energy balance, love and self-care for the body, mind, emotion and spirit are necessary. Even when a cure is unavailable, pain can be reduced or released, inner peace can be grown, relationships can be strengthened, and your purpose can be understood.

Your life is your greatest adventure.

Life is full of challenges for everyone. Some of these challenges we share together. Others are unique to each individuals' life path. Understanding how to overcome challenges and obstacles, how to strengthen your natural gifts, and how to say "Yes!" to the great adventure of life, is what we're all here to do. 
What can I expect with your life coaching?
Life coaching is designed to be safe and supportive, as well as inspiring and motivational. Your S.O.S report gives a baseline for your Energy Centres, helping you track where you are now, and see where you're heading next. You may choose your specific focus(es) for each session as well as goals/milestones to help you attain the energy and outcome you desire. 

Your focus may include areas such as: help with life transitions, finding balance, growing self-care/self-love, enhancing health and wellness, relationships, career and life purpose, and finding inner peace.
Where did you study healing and coaching?
I've studied self-healing, energy medicine, shamanism and coaching with different teachers and healers from around the world including Canada, Australia, and the United States. When I attended university, I studied psychology and world religions to learn about the different patterns and models of human behaviour, spiritual beliefs and world traditions. I've also received the shamanic munay-ki rites as well as my certification as a reiki master. 

My practice began in 2006 as 'Spirit Awakes' and expanded from in-person and online intuitive guidance and energy medicine work, to meditation and life coaching consultations and courses.
How can you help me improve my energy?
Your energy is shaped by internal and external influences every day. Learn the Way your energy can be replenished by the self-healing spring of inspired awareness and personal breakthroughs. As you learn what supports your energy and life goals/milestones best, you engage in choices that help you grow self-mastery and build positive opportunities.

You may choose to discover different options available to grow a healthier, happier and more balanced and spiritual lifestyle. You'll work on self-improvement through specific guidance, habits and routines that support your energy and renew your joy. 
How do I get the best results with my goals/milestones?
The more that you stay inspired and motivated to be on track with your goals, the more you help create the best outcomes in achieving the progress you seek. Every session includes practical actions you can take and magical insights you can use right now.

You'll learn how to navigate through life challenges, empower your energy, expand your growth mindset and achieve specific goals/milestones by using frameworks, tools and techniques to stay on track to reaching the success, peace and purpose you seek. You'll also have the opportunity to ask questions specific to the guidance you seek. The ultimate goal is self-healing and self-mastery for an enriching life.

"My book will help you overcome stress, find balance and grow your happiness!"

"Greetings! This is Unity Schmidt, author of the 'S.O.S. Energy Report' and founder of 'Healing with Unity'. I wrote this report and self-assessment to give you a message in a bottle full of helpful insights to help you understand your energy and grow to reach your happily-ever-now, during good times and hard times.

This quick book is a fast distillation that gives you lifelong results to manage your energy, reach your dreams and overcome challenges. This message in a bottle gives you a new way to think about and define S.O.S, manage stress and know your best potential!

Discover ancestral wisdom and scientific proof for self-healing that you’ll never forget! You'll learn how to assess and grow your energy for any situation or goal.  Enjoy the included audiobook version of the report and bonus 6-Part Audio Story Series to hear how a near-death journey and trip to Oz changed everything.   

Get your copy of my book (and included audiobook), with your self-assessment energy quiz and 6-Stories designed for you to grow life-changing paradigm shifts you won't ever forget.

See you in the book!

Unity Schmidt
Author, Teacher, and Founder of 'Healing with Unity'

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Honouring Your Life Path and Awakening Wellness since 2006.

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