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'Faery Godmother' Life Coaching with Unity


You are the Hero of your life story.

If you wrote an autobiography, you'd be the main character, the 'Hero' of your Life Story. The question is: Would it be the story you'd want to share? 

Just as faery-tales have allies such as the faery godmother, I'm here to help you receive the supportive insights and helpful tools/techniques you need to live your best life story now. 

Meet Unity. Your Faery Godmother Ally.

I believe in you and your dreams. I once had 'impossible dreams' myself. Then I discovered the breakthrough questions and actions to reach them. 

Now I work as your personal ally, sharing my system of breakthroughs to gift you specific insights, personal guidance, and measurable actions to live your happiest and fullest life. 

Helping You on Your Journey Through Life.

Personal Growth
Career Advancement
Overcoming Stress
Empty Nest

Planting Your Seeds of Hope.

Everything in Life is composed of Energy.
How you engage and shape your energy, creates your experiences and expectations.
Yet you were never taught how to create your most vibrant and peaceful energy field.
Empower yourself to no longer think to yourself: "If only I'd known..."

Most people feel an energy deficit in their lives.
Energy deficits result in stress and anxiety, that can lead to illness and pain.
Energy debts reduce your ability to be free and abundant, and limit your potential.
Energy errors impact your experiences and create disharmony, imbalances and loss.

Become awake and aware of how to empower yourself.
The answers to help you level-up and self-heal your energy are available.

Underneath the Surface...

Depending on your comfort, I am ready to support you by teaching ancient and traditional wisdom from around the world, designed to connect you deeper with yourself, and closer to your dreams.

Ancestral Messages

Signs & Synchronicities

Meditation Journeys

Dreams & Intuition

Sacred Space

Plant Teachers

Animal Totems

Reading the Stars

Time & Numbers

Are You Ready to Grow?
Let's 'Water' Your Seeds of Hope.

When Intuition & Practical Wisdom Join

Inspiring Lessons to Help You

Receive an energy assessment to help unlock your challenges and recognize your gifts. Discuss your goals and gain helpful insights to reach them. Learn practical steps you can take immediately to support your life path. Together, we'll create an action plan to start growing the life of your dreams today. 
  • Career & Life Path Transitions - Reflect on your gifts/skills and opportunities. Empower your life path.
  • Family & Relationships - Share, listen and learn how to grow together through mindfulness and understanding.
  • Stress, Anxiety & Obstacles - Uncover new ways to approach stress and challenges, and invite in peace.
  • Home & Environment - Update the energy in your home and environment with helpful tips/techniques.
  • Energy Balance - Learn about your energy field and how you can create balance and personal growth.

Intuitive Magic to Uplift You

You are here to participate in the adventure of life. Yet the challenges of changing expectations and demands, potential risks and falls, and the questions on how to move ahead, can feel overwhelming.

I'm here to help you grow through the blocks, overcome the obstacles, and stay inspired and motivated to achieve your goals/milestones.  

Helping you establish rituals, routines and rhythms to increase your happiness and success, strengthen your relationships, your career, and your overall happiness.
Receive life coaching guidance aimed to help empower you to overcome challenges, to process transitions, and to activate your best potential for your life path. 

Every session is created in a peaceful, safe and compassionate space, where you can feel at ease to share, release and grow.
Why do you say you're a faery godmother?
As a child, when I first heard of the 'faery godmother' of faery-tales, I related to her desire to help others. I envisioned the world full of these helpers. This name is a playful and fun way to help you visualize the energy I aim to create and share with you: that of a helpful and trustworthy guide and ally ready to help you on your personal life adventure. 
How is your life coaching different than others?
While other coaches may look to be critical, judging or aiming to have you or your past to blame, I seek to help you feel acceptance, hopefulness, and clarity to look at the full picture of your personal story. I help you see how each piece of your life is a chapter in a greater storybook. You'll learn to create tools and techniques, rituals and routines, to sparkle up your life, overcome challenges/blocks and pursue your dreams.
How do you create measurable results to reach my dreams?
Your first session is designed with questions to highlight your preferred focus, identify your strengths/gifts and reveal your current challenges and obstacles. With these insights, intuitive guidance is shared and an action plan is created to support your goals. You'll also be taught different ways you can  visibly chart your personal growth and achievements for lasting results.  

What are magical and practical solutions that I might experience?
Practical steps include establishing specific goals and milestones to achieve the results you desire. These may include goals in: wellness and self-care, confidence, relationships, career and lifestyle design and intuitive living. The magical solutions are also scientifically proven and use techniques such as peaceful timing, mindful meditation, healing breathwork, and positive affirmations to take self-healing action. 
How is the 'placebo effect' connected to my healing journey?
The 'placebo effect' shown in science reveals that 'expectation' creates powerful, lasting results. To put it simply, when you learn how to genuinely believe in positive outcomes for your life, they become possible. In essence, what you expect is what you will most likely come to experience. Let's help your expectations grow the life you want to create and share.

"I’m blown away by the undeniable help you’ve given me. The experience was equally moving as it was healing in nature and it allowed me to tap deeper into an inner space, and take action more than I’ve been able to do ever before. I’m delighted to have met you and have your life coaching support. "
Anne T.
Nutrition Associate
"I hope others who work with you have the opportunity of learning from you as much as I did. I could personally witness the power you have in such a short time and the amount of change you brought into my individual journey. You are truly an enlightened soul walking among us. "
Peter O.
Graphic Designer
"It’s astounding how much help you’ve given me to accept changes and approach my life with more clarity and direction. Thanks again for your coaching advice helping me go after the goals I wanted but wasn’t sure if I could do. You helped me get through a hard time and I feel good about what’s ahead now."
Tami R.
"THANK YOU for your coaching guidance and encouragement to help me pursue the actions I needed to pursue my dreams! I’ve followed through with the work and am now at the finish line of running a community-centered food forest farm. I have a strong understanding now of myself, my goals and how to keep making long-term progress in my life. Thanks for your help and support!"
June H.
Scientist & Artist
"Unity has a truly exceptional intuitive ability that is a gift for every life she touches. Connecting from a heartspace, she provides clear, specific insight about both inner and outer life. Her clarity and far-reaching vision have been a tremendous blessing in my life, affirming me and encouraging me."
Laura S.
Birth & Family Educator
"Hi Unity!! Thanks for coaching me to help me weigh out my different options and see the choices I have available for me now! I felt grief and loss and now I feel comfort and hope. Your insights and support have given me a fresh way to take action and go after what I need and what I want. I’m so delighted that I worked with you!"
Kim S.
College Professor

Do You Wish Upon a Star?
Your Faery Godmother "Life Coach" Awaits.


Honouring Your Life Path and Awakening Wellness since 2006.

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