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'S.O.S. Energy Self-Healing Class'

Self-Healing Masterclass for an Intuitive Life

Answer Your Call to Adventure

Do you believe you have a life purpose? Are you called to a greater adventure and magical experience of life? If you're ready to restore your energy, take action on your dreams, and release any stress, doubts or blocks holding you back, then sign-up for this self-care adventure in energy and earth-based ancestral practices.  Explore your Seasons of Self-Healing!

Awaken Your Intuitive Healer's Journey.

Uncover best practices in energetic, earth-based and shamanic self-healing. Experience 7 journey's through your chakras to release, inspire and connect you to your gifts and abilities. Every teaching also connects to modern discoveries from positive psychology, neuroscience and quantum physics.

Learn how to connect to sacred space. Approach Mother-Earth and Nature as holistic teachers and healers, receive 7 gifts of sacred restoration, learn how the hero's journey applies to your life path, and practice using natural, magical tools for self-transformation. Your 'S.O.S. Energy Masterclass Workshop' takes the lessons from the 'S.O.S. Energy Report' further by traveling through the seasons and cycles of inner growth and personal breakthroughs.  Awaken your intuition and inner guidance!
"Unity has a truly exceptional intuitive ability that is a gift for every life she touches. Connecting from a heartspace, she provides clear, specific insight about both inner and outer life. Her clarity and far-reaching vision have been a tremendous blessing in my life, affirming me and encouraging me. "
Laura S.
Birth & Family Educator
"Thanks so much for a wonderful, healing class! It was much needed. I was feeling skeptical that the class and meditations would really help me get back on track, but it really has. Today I was able to tap into blissful gratitude even when feeling somewhat bitter. I decided to try a healing ritual, and now I feel fantastic!"
Lily F.
Environmental Consultant
Inspired by the great works of joseph campbell & mother-earth
Introducing 'The S.O.S. Energy Masterclass'
The Healer's Journey
Discover how life is an adventure filled with risks and rewards. Reflect on the allies, teachers and lessons you're here to learn from.
Ancestral Gifts & Wisdom
Your ancestors and their wisdom still lives within you, and all around you. Learn about their Ways, their messages and their signs.
Energy Maps & Systems
Everything in Life is composed of energy. How you choose to experience and participate with these systems shapes your life. 
Self-Mastery Breakthroughs
Practice self-healing concepts, rituals and techniques to gift yourself peaceful balance, intuition and purpose-filled growth.
Meditation Journey
These guided meditations will have you travel to understand and restore your energy centres.
Healing Actions & Practices
Learn the healing insights and actions you can take immediately to reach your set goals/milestones.
Natural Energy
& Affirmations
Nature is made of helpful energy. Understand how natural energy and a growth mindset sets your dreams in motion.
Scientific & Ancestral Basis
Discover the science behind self-healing and the connections of your ancestral beliefs and ways to reach today's opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions About 'The S.O.S. Energy Masterclass':

Is there a Live Q & A?
Every online class is 1.5 hours and includes a Live Q&A where you can ask your specific questions and receive helpful insights.
Is this based on a specific religion?
No, this is based off of the shared healing themes, observations and practices of both world-wide teachings and scientific breakthroughs. 
Will there be a replay if I cannot attend LIVE?
Yes! The replay will be shared within 48 hours of the class ending. You will be able to watch it on-demand, both if missed or for a second time.
Do you offer a full money back guarantee?
I offer a full 14-day money back guarantee on each course. This provides enough time to attend the class and discover how powerful the training is.
Does 'The S.O.S. Energy Masterclass' create cures?
These classes are not about 'cures,' they are about a system of balance and wellness. (Even modern medicine cannot promise cures.) 'The S.O.S. Energy Masterclass' teaches you ancient and modern practices to restore your energy, awaken your intuition, and activate your own self-mastery for a peaceful, purpose-filled and enriching life. Find your path to peace, even when challenges arise or are part of your life.
Can anyone signup for these courses? Can my partner or friends join in?
Yes. And I highly recommend inviting your immediate household family members, and closest friends, to gather together to learn these practical, energetic tools to help you all work independently (and together) on growing your dreams and activating your highest purpose potential. Whoever you want to grow with, invite! If you live together, there's no extra cost.

Get your questions answered in the LIVE Q & A with Unity!

Enter the 'S.O.S. Energy Masterclass Workshop' to engage with the self-healing concepts through meaningful teachings that bring this new awareness all together.  Experience 'The Science of Self-Healing' to understand how the power of your mindset, and the ability to shape your life experiences is scientifically recognized. Witness the 'Applying Ancient Healing Wisdom' to learn how ancestral beliefs and customs approached life force energy and applied it to healing possibility (you'll open your New Moon/Full Moon Rituals here). Dive into 'The Cycles of Consciousness' to understand the natural cycles of the human mind and what that means for your life path. Then enter a 'Live Q & A with Unity' to get your questions answered directly! 

EXPAND CORE KNOWLEDGE to dive into ancient wisdom and scientific proof.

Want to know what you'll learn?

'Applying Ancient Healing Wisdom' (Approx. 20min)

Investigate the ancient practices of self-healing and the life force energy concepts behind the teachings in S.O.S. Explore how your ancestors and world belief systems approached 'healing' and learn how the patterns of their teachings show up to unite them all. 
  • Return to the Past: Hear how your ancestors taught self-healing and life force energy. 
  • Recognize the Wisdom: Notice how their past beliefs mirror modern medicine today.
  • Remember What They Knew: Learn how to apply the ancient self-healing concepts into your own self-healing rituals and routines now. Receive your New/Full Moon Rituals.

'The Science of Self-Healing' (Approx. 20mins)

Learn how science recognizes and approaches the potential of self-healing. Investigate the ways modern medicine tests for self-healing in action and approaches the power of the human mind to influence outcomes. Discover top scientists confirming the choice to heal. 
  • Proof: Learn how the power of self-healing was accidentally discovered.
  • Self-Healing In Action: Meet the main scientists testing and sharing the choice to heal and the human power to influence inner changes and outer experiences.
  • Explore: Understand the science behind the lessons learned and what that means for your ability to overcome challenges and make meaningful changes.

'Live Q & A with Unity Schmidt' (Approx. 30min) 

Have your questions answered directly in this Live Q & A with Unity Schmidt. Hear the insights and solutions you need as you work with the seasons of self-healing directly.  Feel supported and inspired in this exciting live event ready to help you!
  • Share your questions: Ask any questions you'd like to better understand S.O.S. and successfully apply the mindfulness teachings and meditation journey's into your day. 
  • Get your answers: Receive the answers you need to support your life path today and tomorrow.
  • Stay Inspired: Feel inspired and supported as you listen and speak to Unity directly and witness how self-healing has changed her life and the lives of those she helps.

'The Cycles of Consciousness'(Approx. 20min)

Putting it all together, 'The Cycles of Consciousness' unites the understanding of modern medicine and science and the ancestral wisdom of healing.  Learn how your mindset is shaped and influenced each day and how you can move through your cycles intelligently.   
  • Understand: Learn how S.O.S. and the cycles of consciousness co-exist within your life.
  • Practice: Move through your day with this cyclical awareness to support and guide you.
  • Activate: Turn-on your best potential by using these concepts to empower your mindset and your day-to-day activities and life choices. 

Discover your inner gifts and natural strengths.

Practical and Magical Insights and Breakthroughs: 

Mindset Growth
Learn scientifically proven best practices to achieve a growth mindset and decrease stress.
Body  Balance
 Practice gentle and effective ways you can start giving your body natural comfort, balance and grounding.
Emotional Clarity
Insightful self-awareness  supports your energy into restoring peace, releasing stress and inviting joy.
Spiritual Force
Uncover practical and natural ways to connect to the World around you and within you. Use breath, focus and choice.
Utilize helpful energy reports and scientific breakthroughs to help you achieve greater happiness and opporutnities.
Stronger Relationships
Participate clearly with others and strengthen communication, reciprocity and rewarding relationships.
Career & Abundance
Strengthen your natural gifts/talents for higher levels of success and growth.
Peace and Purpose
Discover the most effective ways to return to a sacred space of peace & purpose.

WARNING: Spots are Limited!    Class Sizes Are Small To Ensure Everyone Has a Chance during the Q&A.

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