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$147 USD
Your Program Includes:
  • ​Lesson #1 - The Power of the Mind:  Discover how this program works, and the science behind it.
  • Lesson #2 - The Energy of Chakras: Explains in detail how the chakras work, their ancient wisdom, and how to balance your energy.
  • Lesson #3 - 'Seasons of Self' and the 'Cycles of Consciousness': Shares the main concepts behind the ‘S.O.S' framework.
  • S.O.S ​Tree Meditation: Travel with Mother-Tree through the Seasons of SELF-HEALING.
  • ROOT Meditation: Grounding energy for strength, stability & SPIRITUAL WELLNESS.
  • SACRAL Meditation: Awaken your inner bliss and beauty with clarity and CONFIDENCE.
  • SOLAR Meditation: Brighten your inner light & lead your life with trust and INNER POWER.
  • ​​HEART Meditation: Grow self-love & feel the sacred beauty of authentic RELATIONSHIPS.
  • ​​​THROAT Meditation: Authentic expression to listen and create with true MAGIC & ART.
  • THIRD EYE Meditation: Open your vision to see the signs/synchronicities of INTUITION.
  • CROWN Meditation: Feel the freedom of trusting higher love, clear vision & WISDOM.
My heart-centered clients say...

Kim S: College Professor

"I just had the chance to listen to the meditation. And it was just the right time to hear it! It touched on EVERYTHING that I needed to hear: anxiety, relationships. It was amazing! You truly have a gift! Thank you so very much! I'm so glad to be working with you."

Helen G: Design Consultant

"Hi Unity! I've downloaded your audio program now. Thank you so much! And yes, I have had a healing week! I've been keeping up the healing progam at least once a day, and it is fabulous! Have a wonderful week! Best wishes to you Unity!"
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