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Do You Need a Lifesaver?
Overcome Stress & Fear and Activate Healing with this S.O.S. Energy Report
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  • ​​Assess: Score Your Current Energy and Discover Insights
  • ​Learn: Scientific Proof for Self-Healing You Won't Ever Forget
  • ​Experience: Self-Healing Breakthroughs For Every Situation
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Learn how to understand your energy and leverage self-healing breakthroughs. 
Here's a sample of what's in the S.O.S Energy Report: A Survivor's Guide To Self-Healing Breakthroughs:
  • Answer insightful questions to rate your energy and know your path!
  • ​Discover how your 7 energy centers impact your daily potential today & tomorrow
  • Find out how your energy score guides you to release stress and grow success!
  • ​Understand the science of self-healing and the ancient lessons behind this report  
  • Use this report to help you build an energy momentum of self-healing growth!
  • ​Learn about the gifts and opportunities available to help you reach your dreams now!  
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 Don't miss out! Included (on page 9) in this report is access to an online version of the S.O.S. Energy Quiz you can take to quickly and automatically score your S.O.S. energy.

"The moment I started answering the questions I couldn’t put it down! My partner and I shared our answers with each other and learned so much together. We’ll be going back to this again as a helpful resource. Thank you for making this!"
Kristin P.
Marketing Consultant
"It is quite special to have these analogies to use and apply. This is a nice way to isolate energy deficiencies and find where we find ourselves now, and where there is still room for improvements. Everything makes sense and is very beautifully done."

Mary S.
Electrical Engineer

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Self-Healing is often misunderstood.

What was once called 'self-help', I call 'self-healing'! Self-healing is a lifestyle and an attitude. 
It’s a perspective of choosing to overcome, to learn, to grow, and give this life everything you’ve got! 
Self-healing is guided by instinct and intuition, led by motivation and inspiration!

Self-Healing is...

  • Choosing a growth mindset
  • Growing a healing attitude
  • Creating a healthy and happy lifestyle
  • Awakening positive self-transformation
  • Exploring sacred space, mindfulness & ancestral teachings

Self-Healing is NOT...

  • Quitting on the modern medical community
  • Denying life’s challenges and obstacles
  • Giving Up your personal power or unique perspective
  • Demanding perfection from yourself or anyone else
  • ​Letting stress, fear or anxiety be your driving force
Meet the Author: Unity J. Schmidt 

"I was born with pain..."

On my life path, I was diagnosed with early childhood chronic illness (jra/jia) and had to find natural pathways to find my own way to activate my dreams to live the life I envisioned.

I've also gone through some incredible lifechanging experiences that lead me to study holistic solutions and ancient practices with scientific proof. The result was the creation of self-healing frameworks, like this report, to help myself, then my family, friends and clients achieve personal breakthroughs. 

I'm excited to share this report with you to give you a fast, easy and repeatable system to help you check-in on yourself, and ensure you're creating the energy to live your best life and reach your highest potential!

"I designed the S.O.S. Energy Report as a quick, easy and repeatable tool to help you assess your energy, overcome fear and stress, & always keep hope alive."

 Don't forget! Included (on page 9) in this report is access to an online version of the S.O.S. Energy Quiz you can take to quickly and automatically score your S.O.S. energy.

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